ProForm 325 CSE Elliptical Trainer


The Proform 325 CSE Elliptical Trainer is the perfect choice for anyone wanting a full-body, low-impact workout but that’s short on space. The compact design has a footprint of only L102 x W54cm but offers the stride and movement you may expect from a larger machine.

The smooth, fluid motion is achieved through incorporating a 9kg inertia-enhanced flywheel and 20 levels of silent magnetic resistance which provides workouts that range from easy to tough – when you really want to push yourself.

20 built-in programs will keep you motivated – choose from workouts that are split into either tempo or interval routines. Tempo workouts deliver a specified intensity for the workout duration, while interval users vary between periods of high work rate followed by recovery – this is one of the most effective ways to burn calories and improve your fitness.

See all your key stats displayed on the ProForm’s new Watts LED Display. You can see your power output right on the console with bright LED lights, you can tell instantly if you are in the Endurance, Tempo, or Peak zone (based on a power algorithm of watts per kilogram). Endurance works for a slow and steady workout, aim for the tempo zone for the ideal heart rate based on your weight category, and peak is where you reach your cardio max. With the manual mode, you can focus on interval training, press the ‘Work’ button to kick it in high gear, then press ‘Recover’ to slow it down.

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