ProForm Cardio HIIT Cross Trainer


Step up to new heights on the ProForm Cardio HIIT Cross Trainer. Combining the movement of climbing stairs with the intensity of boxing, each workout helps you activate more muscles throughout your whole body while burning more calories.

With its 140cm x 80cm (55.1’’x 31.5’’) footprint this machine is quite small compared to traditional ellipticals. The action of this machine is such that unlike pretty much every other elliptical cross trainer in existence, the Cardio HIIT can be used entirely within its own footprint area. This means that it’s not necessary to ensure that there’s additional space in front and behind the machine to allow the pedals to turn, as is mandatory with typical ellipticals. At 168cm (5ft 5’’) in height, it’s substantial and the metalwork from the frame to the handlebars and everything in between is also heavy duty. The oversized pedals further add to the overall feeling of dependability. It manages to look both big and small at the same time, the best of both worlds; You don’t use up lots of space, but you still get solid, heavy duty elliptical.

The Cardio HIIT benefits from a bright, easy-to-read, 7’’ backlit two-colour LCD display that displays your workout data such as resistance level, speed (theoretical), time, distance (theoretical), calories, rpm, pulse, and, a little unusually, vertical distance. This last measurement is a consequence of the fact that this elliptical is a cross between an elliptical and a stepping machine and lets you know how far you’ve ‘climbed’. There’s a tablet holder positioned at the top of the console which works well by virtue of the fact that it holds a tablet at the highest position possible to make it easy to see the display. There’s also a nice, deep, water bottle holder situated front and centre making for easy and quick access to your water without having to fumble around or stoop down to reach it.

In terms of training options, the Cardio HIIT has a whopping 32 workout modes that are broken down into various categories such as Calorie Goal, Intensity, Speed and Incline. This setup makes program selection a simple and quick process despite the fact that there are so many programs to choose from. The user interface on the console is easy to understand and intuitive and once you’ve worked out how to access one, you’ve worked out how to access them all. Undoubtedly, it’s a set up that works well, though that’s not really surprising given the manufacturer – it’s the sort of thing we’ve come to expect from ProForm. That being said, credit where it’s due as it works, and works well.

In addition to the 32 built-in workouts, the console is also iFit compatible (Subscription NOT included)  which substantially increases the already large number of training options on this machine. Subscribers to iFit get the added bonus of  Google Maps workouts that allow you to map out your own routes on Google Maps, high-definition workout videos led by professional personal trainers, online races against other iFit members as well as personalised advice for nutrition, exercise routines and sleep schedule. 

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