ProForm Slide Touch 6.0 Upright Cycle


ProForm Slide Touch 6.0 Upright Cycle – Featuring an innovative new Sensitive Touch console, it is a high performance bike that delivers effective home training. Powered by SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance, you can enjoy fluid, quiet cycling through an extensive 16 digital levels of intensity. Thanks to the simple to use console which features sensitive touch, you can simply slide your fingers lightly on the screen to increase and decrease your resistance. This helps to reduce distraction so you can get on with your workout. The easy to use console with engaging dual backlit Graphixx™ display shows you all your key performance stats including time, distance, resistance, pulse, calories and carbs burned. With a built in Dual-Grip EKG™ heart rate monitor, simply grab the handlebar sensors and you can track your heart rate. A generous 21 built in workouts help you take advantage of the varying intensity levels and boost motivation. Choose from 10 pre-set, 4 pulse, a Body Fat Test and more.

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