Viavito Studio Pro 2000 Olympic Barbell Weight Bench


The Studio Pro 2000 Olympic barbell weight bench features an extra heavy-duty one-piece steel frame making it ideal for the most intense training sessions. Designed to let you target all major upper and lower body muscle groups, the weight bench can be adjusted from decline, through flat to 3 incline positions (top backrest position 50 degrees) and has an oversized bench pad and an easily adjustable 2-position seat. There is also a padded total leg developer with 6 foam rollers enabling you to target glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps muscles for superior leg results. The unique Akimbo style uprights with serrated bar catchers allow for quick bar height adjustment and help you safely execute those heavy lifts, whilst the rear mounted storage pegs ensure easy storage and perfect organization of your Olympic (2”) weight plates. Plus, the Studio Pro boasts adjustable safety spotters for safe and effective squatting. The bench is suitable for a wide variety of exercises such as bench press, incline bench press, chest press, decline bench press, concentration curl, lying tricep extension, back row, shoulder press, leg extension, leg curl, and squat. It is compatible with 7ft (213cm) standard and Olympic bars and offers a 60mm (2.4”) thick padded high-density foam backrest for added comfort and support while exercising. There are 8 bar rest positions and 4 spotter levels, and the Studio Pro can handle a maximum load of 271kg (597.4lbs) including the user.

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