NordicTrack C700 Folding Treadmill (s)


The C700 has a top speed of 20kph and a maximum incline of 10%. These specs will be fine for the majority of users but for those who are involved in competitive running events or those training for more challenging types of competition such as Tough Mudder or Triathlon then the maximum 10% incline is likely to fall short of providing suitable training. 

Should your aim be to lose a few pounds and improve your cardio fitness then the cushioning system and the 2.75 horsepower continuous-duty motor make this is a respectable choice of machine. 

All training data including calories, time, incline, pulse, and speed is displayed in real time on the multi-window LED display making it easy to track your progress throughout your run. The LEDs are bright and easy to see, even in bright light conditions making it suitable for just about any room. 

In terms of workouts, the console features 20 preset workouts, target-based training and a manual mode. This provides plenty of different ways to train and to target different goals effectively. 

The buttons are laid out logically and are easy to understand with fast access to one-touch keys for both speed and incline to make it easy to switch to different settings with the single press of a button. If you need more help in terms of motivation then you can subscribe to the iFit service for access to personal trainer-led workout videos, races against other runners across various courses, mapped running routes on Google maps and quite a bit more. Subscribe to iFit and you’ll get access to a comprehensive library that’s growing all the time. (iFit subscription NOT included).

Other features include Bluetooth heart rate receiver (chest belt available here), dual 2 inch speakers, workout fan, accessories tray. 

PLEASE NOTE: Tablet holder is NOT included.

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