ProForm Cardio HIIT HL Elliptical Cross Trainer


Step up to new heights on the Proform Trainer HL Elliptical and experience the ultimate calorie burning cardio training.

Combining the movement of climbing stairs with the intensity of boxing, each workout on this innovative elliptical trainer helps you activate more muscles throughout your whole body while burning more calories in less time. Unlike other stepper machines, the Proform HL is designed for your feet to travel on a 10-inch vertical and 5-inch horizontal elliptical path. This motion puts you on track to build more strength and greater toning throughout your entire body.

Packed with a huge range of features, including on-demand interactive workouts via iFit™(Subscription NOT included), 22 resistance levels, a smooth, silent motion, oversized cushioned pedals and built-in 5″ backlit display. Users will love the innovative full-body climbing experience, helping to burn more calories in less time!

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